Saturday, 28 March 2009

Streak Willing Entourage Artesian

Just published is J H Prynne's latest chapbook Streak Willing Entourage Artesian from Barque Press. Listen to the child friendly 'Out to Lunch' aka Ben Watson reading the entire poem. No better way into this market, accompanied by his two children we join JHP on a visit to shopping city in order to feast our primal greed. I couldn't decide if B&Q or Ikea is the focus - either way we are deep in labels and shock - particular in the gardening section:

..................................Slope to gather

A force trellis influx would you septic eye-lid fuel
to glove soak, seawater decking did they all, would

Ben Watson reading J H Prynne's latest work

Brilliant programme Ben - thank you very much!

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Middle Ditch said...

Must tell David. High priority